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Pensacola Law Enforcement

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As many people including me do not tend to trust certian agencies in their area due to one or two experiences (for me only two where legit.  The others all revolved around my schooldays and how the hired thugs known as school security guards treated me).  I until recently only trusted federal leos on millitary bases like my brother in law JP Colas and other agencies im my clicks or clan (Ferghail).   Anyway that all changed when one of my closest kinfolke in Panzacola made me a one night vagrant and him my black sheep.  Long story short, I finnaly got my eight hours of sleep due to a public leo 30 miles or so from home where I was come check on me distracted and alone and let me be when 2 or 3 other cars found him in less than five minutes. For some drastic reason, They all hit the floor say 60 mph in a residential zone with silent lights blazing in seconds.  

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