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Introducing Ourselves

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My wife and I have the explorer bug.  We enjoy finding abandoned places and exploring each with the utmost respect for property.  Neither of us take anything but memories and do NOT condone anyone who wants to take or vandalize property.

Our region is the many abandoned places in Southwest Oklahoma.  I have a passion for researching the history of places to better understand the life lived by the former occupants.  The most fascinating things are remnant papers which reveal a more personal glimpse of the lives from the past.  We enjoy the many revelations of life before our times.  

We are comfortably retired and have all the time in the world to research and explore.  We are proud to be members of your group and hope to become Private members when the time is right.  

Many blessings to all...

Bruce & Linda


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On 10/1/2017 at 7:47 AM, BruceK said:

Neither of us take anything but memories

For me, as with many here, we don't always take just memories but often pics and/or videos on our camera(s) to boot when allowed. See EF's youtube category threads and the albums atop the homepage.  

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What make(s) do yall have Bruce and Linda?  Many digital point and shoots and dslr cameras also take video.  I started filming with a flipshare camcorder about 2009.  Yet within two years, I moved up to a Canon powershot sx model and have been moving up ever since. Here's the icon for the video mode I have always used:  http://www.dummies.com/photography/cameras/canon-camera/choosing-movie-recording-settings-on-a-canon-rebel-t3-series-camera/

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