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This may be an (extremely) long shot, but has anybody ever heard anything about a 'bath house' somewhere along the old Emigrant route between Ragtown and the 40 Mile Desert? A long-defunct website (www.4wheelnoffroad.com) posted this picture and description years ago but I've never been able to find any other mention of it or any trace of anything similar on Google Earth. :14dunno:


We had chosen to run the course backwards from Ragtown (just west of Fallon) North to the Memorial where an exit road would put us back on Highway 95 for the trip home which is a trip of about 25 miles. We have plans of finishing the second leg early next year. The picture shows our first sign of a past life, remains of a bath house that was constructed along the road in the 1920's to supply the soothing hot mineral waters that the springs provided. Modern technologies like the Geothermal Powerplants has dried this area up to just a cold clay hole where the spring once roared.



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I think I remember reading that article or a similar one. I’m sure you have done an online search, but maybe Trails West or similar organization has information on it. That group is one that put up markers and have prroduced guidebooks to the old Lassen-Applegate trail, which branched off the original emigrant trail near Imlay and went northwest to Cedarville, to Lakeview and beyond, a side trail accessed the Susanville area.

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