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First some info about Dixie Valley (for those who don't know):



Sounded like a fun place, had the day off.. no plans so. Loaded up and headed out at 6:30AM. Arrived at chosen staging area about 9:00AM.  Unloaded, geared up.. and headed out at 9:29 (took my time getting ready). Next post will be some of the nicer landscapes... PB230043.thumb.JPG.e3e760f5b52a9e70f7b27ff145b5ef5a.JPG


First destination was some ruins in this general direction so off I go:


First road I tried was a bust, led to a deadend canyon.. however the view on the way back was nice:



Moved further north on the main road, past the hot springs:


Ended up at a rather extensive area of mine ruins, no clue what mine as this doesn't show up on anything I've got:



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Area seems to have a lot of modern use, fire pits.. the 'building' behind my bike seems like something one might use as a waypoint, sign in station.. who knows. 


Fairly substation foundations.



And a nice view into the valley/lake bed


Okay, now's the time to gird your loins, prepare for the interesting part...  First I have to set the stage at 'Camp 173"



Looks like it was a pretty nice house, 2 fireplaces:



Interior could use some work:


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ZOMBIE APOCOLYPSE!  Or just a mess left by hunters (or maybe poachers)?  There were gobbets of flesh strewn around one of the rooms.. and 3 deer forelegs?  2 inside, and the last one was outside.  I'd guess the general disarray was due to predators, but I like to think it was zombies.. much more interesting.







Nice stone building just south of the geothermal plant:



Smith Lane.. this part was better 'marked' that an earlier bit.. which I really had to just follow GPS:



I'm going to assume this is the Smith farmstead, as it's the only thing on Smith Lane



I thought about putting some work in on the farm, but I failed to bring enough WD40


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The sign said military training was in progress, however I don't think so... unless it was special ops hiding waiting to surprise the very unlikely passer by... I avoided this area anyway, just in case...22.thumb.JPG.23f1417dc1456b2a9ef7c72334788af8.JPG

That's pretty much it. After the geothermal plant I headed to the east side of the marsh/lake and south on Valley Rd.. Lots of washouts, there were a few pretty rough one.

A tad over 3 hours in the saddle 88 miles.. average speed 30mph.. max speed a bit over 50. It was a nice ride.  I'll be back, this time to cover more of the settlement and Wonder.. 

Nice view down Settlement Road. If you're up in this area and looking for a place to boondock, there are tons of places here and lots to explore.


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Nice looking area, thanks for the pics!  Was thinking of headed there later this month but don't think I'll have time. Going to another abandoned mine site though out in the middle of no where. 

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It's worth a trip.  It would be easy to spend a day or two there.  Come spring the wife and I may do some boondocking out there, and explore more.   I know I'll be back... 

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Cool stuff for sure.

There are a couple of sites up in the mountains that border Dixie Valley that have been on my "hit list" for a long time. For years we've been trying to find a safe and secure, (as much as possible anyway) place to park our trailers and camp and get up into the mountains on the east side of the valley. I know the mil trains out there quite a bit, and we see the aircraft activity regularly when we were camped over at Sand Mountain.  Eldest son lives in Reno and has been working on it too but no luck nailing anything down yet.

Used to really enjoy that place, but it is becoming less and less fun  as the "visitor profile" changes. Sad that a place we've been going for 35+ years...a place where my kids first tasted the thrill of riding, and where they are now trying to give my grandchildren the same experience...is slipping away. We've set up camp at Middlegate a couple of times and it is fun and interesting but too far from the valley, would like to get about 15 miles up the paved road someplace accessible for 4 or so 5th wheel trailers.

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When I was out there were several folks camped out here: 39.678012, -118.148056

It's a large area fairly flat and somewhat shielded from the road as it's a bit lower that the surrounding terrain.   I'm pretty sure you could get anything road legal into that area.  Those were the only campers I saw, however it was turkey day.

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7 hours ago, Arch Stanton said:

Thanks so much for that info!!!

When I was out there I started tagging spots for camping, and then gave up... too many.  The location where I found the remains of a butcher shop had enough room for at least 2 probably 3 or more (if you don't mind being cozy) large 5 ers.  It's waay up the valley a few miles from the geothermal plant, the dirt road is in good shape though.

You could take over a vacated property in 'town' as well.  Lots of flat areas, many still fenced in.  

You'd probably want to do a recon run... there's tons of options.

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I think someone lived in the stone building, had a doorway.. several windows.. didn't seem like a utility building.  Might end up back out there this weekend, in the Jeep with my wife.. if so we'll likely poke around in much more detail.  When I'm doing 'recon' on the bike I'm usually interested in covering ground with an eye toward coming back for detailed look see.

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