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Abandoned Commune Farm in Boise

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Another video! Might be awhile before I can crank 'em out this quick again... I kinda fell into this by surprise. But what the hell, this was fun!

A Commune farm in Boise! Who'd've thunk it? Enjoy!

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    • By coyote
      Two videos in the space of a week! One unplanned urban explore in Boise; the other a desert adventure to the bottom of a canyon where an old 1950's car rusts away. The "Abandoned garage" vid is my first with the Samsung S9; I held the phone straight up like a total n00b.
      Observations and critiques welcome.
      --Happy exploring!
    • By coyote
      So like a bunch of us, I'm sure, I have a lot of video out-takes from larger projects. Some of these larger projects ended up being unusable for various reasons, or in some cases I started filming things only to decide later that what I had was a minute or two of interesting stuff but nothing truly video-worthy. What to do with these outtakes? I don't want to delete them and they might be interesting to others, but there's usually no real story or context, just a momentary vignette, a glance at life that is here and then gone.
      So I'm putting together a playlist called "Coyote's Short Takes" and I'll see if it generates any interest. There are two video already loaded, one is being loaded as I type this, and another will be loaded later. Three of them are from a hunting trip up to the Idaho side of the Selway-Bitterroot wilderness, another one features my dogs at an Oregon Trail interpretive site. I took almost 20 minutes of video only to find later that the howling wind made the whole thing utterly pointless (not to self: get wind sock microphone). I only had a couple minutes' worth of video that could be heard, and it was an impromptu moment with my dogs being silly. The outtake is called "Couch Wolves".
      These videos are less than 3 minutes in length but as I mentioned, there's not really any "story" behind them. One of them just has some music that I felt was appropriate, since the audio was me and a friend having a conversation that would be meaningless to a listener. What do you think? Waste of time or an interesting use of otherwise discarded video material?
    • By coyote
      Short little video of an explore I made a few weeks ago. I've been meaning to post this for some time but was overcome by a lot of RL events with work & stuff. But I am starting a series of videos on the Oregon Trail as it came through Boise, and one of those videos includes the tiny town of Mayfield, Idaho. I read about it in a newspaper and saw that there is going to be a concerted effort to develop the area around the old town site and figured I should collect some images while I could. I found a really cool region close to my home that I knew nothing about, so I may go out there again for more videos.
      Anyhow, here's a link for the interested and I'll try to pick up the pace and do more than one video a month!
    • By CindyN11
      On the way to the towns of Plummer and Worley in North Idaho.
    • By CindyN11
      I decided to do this article a little bit differently by writing it from the point-of-view of a young woman who lived in Silver City, Idaho. This mining war was a little known incident in the history of Silver City.
      "I am Rebecca Dye Hays, but most folk just call me Reba. I have lived in Silver City, Idaho since about 1864, when my papa moved the family here from California, so I’m acquainted with most of the folk involved in all the hoohaw that went on around here for a bit. This town has never been the most quiet or peaceful of places, and we have our fair share of violent deaths, but the year 1868, starting in February of that year, was a time of great stress and anxiety for this town. The troubles all began when Beachy and Grayson’s men were working the Golden Chariot mine, and broke through a vein of ore that crossed with the Ida Elmore vein, which was owned by Marion More and Mr. Fogus. This breach caused all kinds of ruckus and ructions between the two outfits, and men who were once friendly towards each other turned into quarreling, hateful brutes, but that’s always the way of things between men when it involves money, land or women, isn’t it? Folks in town were so riled up and on edge that you could cut the tension with a knife, and word was going around that up there on War Eagle Hill men were turning the area into armed camps with barricades and some hard eyed men had been hired to act as military troops ready to cut down the enemy. Anyway, I wasn’t paying too much attention to the dispute, as you could rightly say that I had my head in the clouds. With my upcoming marriage in early March 1868 to Charley Hays, I could think of little else. My Charley is employed at the Idaho Hotel as a stage agent ya know. Well, March 25th comes around and next thing ya know open warfare has broken out between the two sides with men a shooting away at each other 300 feet underground, nearly causing the Ida to collapse! Why, I heard tell that they were even lobbing grenades and Greek Fire at each other, for goodness sake! This went on for days and a number of good men died. You can imagine the relief we all felt when both sides finally came to their senses and on the 1st of April came to an agreement that put an end to the conflict, or at least we all thought.  I have to confide that most of us in the town thought Mr. More had gotten the short end of the stick and the general feeling was that he did it for peace and the good of the town. That was just the kind of man he was. I know there had been whispers here and there through the years regarding some great mystery about his past in California, but that does not matter much here. He was well liked and respected in Silver City because he treated everyone with kindness, especially the more common folk. Well, the evening of April 1st some of the men from the Ida Elmore enjoyed a celebration of sorts at the Idaho Hotel. Mr. More and a few of his friends, including Jack Fisher and Ben White, came outside, a bit the worse for having too much of the drink in them mind ya, and they ran into Sam Lockhart, a Golden Chariot man. At the time I was standing across the road near the Morning Star livery chatting with my friend Mary Ann Finn, who was marrying her beau Erasmus in a few short weeks, and I had just shared a special secret with her. Although married only a few short weeks myself I suspected I was already in the family way and we were both giggling like school girls over my Charley’s reaction. The poor dolt at first thought I was playing him for an April Fool’s, and it took some doing before he was convinced that I wasn’t just pulling his leg. Next thing you know our chat was interrupted and the peace of the night was shattered by the sounds of gunshots ringing out in the night air, men shouting and yelling and poor Marion More was running down the street with blood seeping out of his chest and from between his fingers. He collapsed not too far away in front of the Oriental Restaurant just down the road a piece there. Some folk reckon that ol Marion was feelin a bit burned by the whole deal with Beachy and Grayson, so when he came across Lockhart hanging about out side the hotel it kind of fired up his temper. He had a few harsh words with him and then slapped Sam square in the face, or threatened to strike Sam with his cane, depending on which story you hear. Sam raised his gun and fired at Marion. In retaliation Jack and Ben fired back and Jack hit Sam Lockhart in the arm. To tell you honest I didn’t see the eruption with my own two eyes, but I sure as heck heard it! The good folk in this town were mad as hornets and this was the final straw. Mr. More had a lot of friends in this town and it seems that before you could blink an eye all of them were at the hotel, pounding on the door and demanding vengeance. Had it not been for cooler heads prevailing there would have been a lynching that night of more than one Golden Chariot man! Anyway, Marion, whose real name was John Neptune Marion Moore, was taken away by his brother Masons and buried in Idaho City. Jack Fisher was charged with murder, but left the territory and was never heard from again. Sam Lockhart had to have his arm amputated, which caused an infection and eventually killed him a few weeks later. As for me, well, I was indeed in the family way, and that December I gave birth to my little daughter and buried her that same month. Yes indeed, 1868 was a bad year for sure."
      For those who wish to read more, here is what is believed to be the ONLY existing written witness account...
      @ 2013 Cindy Nunn. All Rights Reserved.
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