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Jack Freer

Desert Training Center

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One million soldiers, spread across the world’s largest military maneuver area of 18,000 square miles in the Mojave Desert of California and Arizona for two years between 1942 and 1944 training for desert warfare in preparation of the WWII invasion of North Africa.

I spent several days in January exploring the historic sites of the Desert Training Center / California-Arizona Maneuver Area in the Mojave Desert. I based out of Blythe and Needles, California and visited Camp Coxcomb, Camp Iron Mountain, Rice Army Airfield, Essex Army Airfield and Camp Ibis. Before venturing out to the camps and airfields I spent several hours touring the General Patton Memorial Museum in Chiriaco Summit, California.

I was a little too ambitious with my trip planning and scheduled two site visits per day. It would have been better to only schedule one site visit per day as I didn’t have the time to capture a lot of the minute details and relics at the sites.

Here are the photos from my trip…   Desert Training Center Gallery

Some good reference websites are the...

Military Museum DTC/CAMA

Desert Training Center

General Patton Memorial Museum

I have been researching the Desert Training Center for a while and all the documents, reports and maps that I found useful are here...   DTC / CAMA Research Information

Enjoy the photos and information!

3 Iron Mountain BLM Camp Iron Mtn tanks.jpg

BLM DTC 01.jpg

6 Ibis BLM 1943.jpg

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