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Anyone around Reno want a free WFCO power converter?

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WFCO 8955PEC Power converter and 12v distribution panel. 

Removed from my 2013 trailer when I upgraded.  Could be used as a 55watt 12v source from 120v power.  Before I strip it for parts, thought I'd ask.



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Hrm.  I wonder if that would be useful in building a 12VDC rapid charger setup for our SAR radios.  120VAC off the genset into multiple 800-900mA 12VDC cradles to juice up the radios a bit in between search assignments.  Yeah, I might be able to put it to use, since we don't have a mobile charging setup.  Or if it's already been returned to it's 'component parts', no BFD.  :)

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Maybe?  The 12v charging circuit is designed for lead acid batteries.  Also.. WFCO charging circuitry isn't known for it's quality, often the failure is that it fails to enter bulk charge mode so rapid charging may not be in the cards.  That's the main reason I pulled it from my TT, it hasn't failed yet however I'd rather not have it fail and kill a $200 battery.. so I spent a little over $200 for a unit that has a much better rep...

You're certainly welcome to it!  It's still together.

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