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So this is video 2/3 where I screwed up and erased part of the footage. Again still was able to save the drone footage and we got some cool shots inside the tunnel. If you've never been to Donner Lake there is an old train tunnel that is now just a hang out for hikers and taggers. You'll see some frozen waterfalls which are cool.



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    • By Among The Unknown
      The Brownsville General Hospital opened in 1914 but wasn't completed until 1916, and closed in 1965. 
      The hospital was always at full capacity and thus, an addition was made to create a third level over the central section of the building and raised the hospital’s capacity to 100 beds.
      Due to the capacity, the hospital was then relocated. Shortly after the closing of the hospital, The Horner Nursing Home/Golden Age Nursing Home was made/built in 1929 and closed in 1985 due to reports of horrible conditions and treatment. 
      *Please take note of the sentences shown at the bottom of the video during scenes.*
      Location: Brownsville, PA
      Urban Exploration
      Paranormal Investigations
    • By astro
      I rather not say my name, the person who owns this place, who knows.. Maybe government? No signage says its government. But after going there the sheriff met me at my car and told me I can't go back. I look at the search on the parcels and it says state trust land. My guess its an abandoned missile bunker or even base! Who knows. I went there to explore the place and I couldn't find anything. I'm wondering if anyone has any idea what this is. This is really bothering me.

    • By Frito's World
      Check out this 1900s abandonded seminary! I had to check it out before it gets torn down! Lots of history in this building. Sad to see the abuse of it. Scroll to the comments on youtube for the story behind this place. Don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss any adventures! Thanks for exploring!
      Till next time....Love & Respect
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      This is a video I did about a month ago where my mom and I explored to old Tea House on fannette Island. We also took the tour of the Vikingholm in Emerald bay shores. At the end of the video I get some blurry footage of an old ship wreck at the bottom of the lake. Hope you Enjoy.
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