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So this is video 2/3 where I screwed up and erased part of the footage. Again still was able to save the drone footage and we got some cool shots inside the tunnel. If you've never been to Donner Lake there is an old train tunnel that is now just a hang out for hikers and taggers. You'll see some frozen waterfalls which are cool.



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      Abandoned 1950's Power Station in Ontario Canada.
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      So I actually lost some of my footage. I need to invest in a better camera but it simply is not in the budget. But anyways, you'll see the summer camp area that is abandoned and I go into 2/4 buildings.  It has a really cool fish pond and looks like a decent area to camp anyways.  Then we drove over to the California side near Stampede resevoir and found a ranch or more rather a corral. But got some really epic Drone footage. I have to say I'm really please with the entire process
      Thanks for watching and for your continued support!
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      This was my first time dong any type of mine tunnel exploring on video.  It almost gives me chills watching the video afterwards and seeing how easily these caves could have came down on us.  I hope you enjoy the video! There was more footage to get than we had memory for so we'll have to make another trip out there. It looks like the old mill in this area has finally fallen down because in all the pictures we've seen it is still standing.
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