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Is the 3rd time the charm?

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OK, I'm not sure what in blazes is going on, so let's try a different forum!


The URL for the PDF itself is:


I would like to see replies an conversation on this, since the guide is woefully incomplete, and I'm sure there is a lot more info to collect and collate on the topic. 

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I look at them often, but never fully understood what I was looking at.  This helps me date them, at least (roughly).  Sometimes we get lucky and find one where the paint hasn't completely rusted over and then get some information there.  Or if there is embossing, even better (like the blasting cap can lid I found last year.  Mostly I like to be able to date what I'm looking at, relative to the site and its history. 


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I think Bob may have set posts in that other forum to auto-lock.  I'm still hunting for a definite answer, but for now, it seems like we're good.

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