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New Paranormal group saying hello to everyone!

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Hello everyone just wanted to say hello to everyone as we are a relatively new paranormal group from buffalo ny area.  Here is our Youtube channel. We are going to start uploading stuff regularly on a weekly basis! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_R_8bM4j6Wjv7dBZZoGy_A

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Welcome to explore forums

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We've been having some fun with the Paranormal stuff on our channel, but I am 100% skeptic in the paranormal. It's fun to see what you can find and I hope someday I will have my mind changed, but so far I can't say I have been convinced in the paranormal. 

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      My investigation team ran this park called prospect park in Redlands ca, and decided to take a walk at night through it to see if we can verify what had happened there was true, and turns out my EMF was saying all the clues we need to confirm that the tragic death of a middle school child, as well as an Asian kid that died there during the WWII era in the bamboo forest. check it out and subscribe, we have new explorations every SATURDAY!

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      Make sure you listen to the audio recordings. Every time I listen to the audio they recorded and here the children's voices in the background (who were not physically there - at least on this plane), it gives me goose bumps.
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