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Anna Jacobsen

Greetings from Denmark

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Hello all. 

I'm new here and just a little info about myself. I've been exploring for around three years now ( mostly by myself ), in Denmark and northern Germany. There seem to be not many urben explorers here in Denmark, so I feel that I've a responsibility to docement  abandoned place's here for the world to see and what they are missing.

I've a Youtube channel called Explore 101 Urbex showing my adventures. There you will see that I don't make any money from it with no advertising or asking money from patreon's. You will also see that my subscriber count is very low, fame is a dirty word for me. You will never see my face on screen.

I posted all my video's here in one go, (maybe that was too much, sorry), I just wanted to share them with you. I didn't post any comment's about them before because I been of little mind didn't know what I was doing, sorry. Is there a way to edit it in again?, can't seem to find a button to do that.

You be hearing from me a bit from time to time, weather it be about a new explore or what ever.

Cheers all



girl-sitting-on-rock-6000x4000_48257 (2).jpg

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