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    • By Bob
      I bought some new camera gear to make better videos. So this week I purchased:
      80D - Great auto focus, and I already have a lot of glass for the Canon, so I figured I would stay with Canon. I also LOVE the touch screen.
      Rode Video Pro Mic with Dead Cat: Should greatly improve my audio quality.
      Canon 10 to 18 MM Lens: Should give me a much wider shot, so less need to pan so much.
      A couple stabilizers to make steady video.
      Anyone here have experience with any of this gear?
    • By Bob
      I am wondering what type of gear everyone else uses? I am currently using a Panasonic HC-V770, but am looking to upgrade to a Panasonic GH4. Looking to get more shallow depth of field, changeable lenses, etc. I have a Canon 6D, but it lacks auto focus, which is a must have for the type of videos I do where you can plan out your shots (not a movie set type of setting). Anyway, what do you use and why?
    • By CindyN11
      Anyone in here using a set of digital camera binoculars? If so, which make & model, and what do you think of the quality?
    • By Bob
      Does anyone here take special precautions when you take your camera out to photograph in cold conditions? I currently use a zip lock bag with some re-chargeable silica gel to keep my lenses and camera safe from the changing temperatures of the vehicle and the outdoors. Anyone else take any special precautions to protect your photography equipment?
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