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El Polvo

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!,

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I wish everyone a happy healthy and safe holiday season.  I wish that all your hopes and wishes of the new year come in for you.  But most of all, I hope Santa does you good (i think he’s bringing me a new stereo for my truck! 🤫)



   I’ve been off of here a while because I have, for the past yr., been going to and from San Diego. A year and several mos ago, one of my sons was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Last January he underwent a “whipple proceedure” . He then suffered a couple “complications” and he damn near died. Long story short, 8 units of blood and two plasma later, he came back with no brain damage.  He underwent several follow up proceedures since and to make a long story short, he just completed his second week of work as a CANCER FREE EMPLOYEE. 


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42 minutes ago, braindead0 said:

Sorry to hear he had to go through that, cancer is a bitch... good on the outcome!

Hell, what he put US through was bad. My other son says when he’s well enough hes gonna double punch him right in the scar for putting us all through this last yr  

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Happy to hear of his good outcome. I watched a person in late stages of cancer screaming and writhing in pain a few months ago. It was most uncomfortable for me as an observer, I can only imagine myself in the suffer’s place.

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