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    • By Frito's World
      Come check out this lost Abandoned Log Cabin! Everything left behind!
    • By Urban|Haunted-Explorations
      Me and the crew taking on a haunted and definitely spooky hospital with tons of creepy items left behind. There were tons of Satanic symbols and craftwork all over this place, I hope you enjoy this episode and Subscribe for all of our updates and support!
      Our Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrNqMXvNR5nRn2Q45Dh3FzA
      Subscribe to us from Texas for all of our Explorations, updates, and extras. We would appreciate the support!
      Any comments and feedback are greatly welcomed. Thanks for reading!
      If anyone wants me to Subscribe back, just post below if you Subscribed to me and i'll gladly Subscribe back. I hope you enjoy the episode!
    • By Frito's World
      I found this abandoned ranch in Texas. It got spooked when I saw an old creepy stuffed animal and then heard kids playing, but nobody around. Come explore to see what else I find!
      Don't forget subscribe! Love & Respect!
    • By PdawsG
      Hey I'm rather new to the Utah State (recently lived in Wisconsin). And I love exploring; Is there anyone from Utah or familiar with the area that would be willing to share places that they've been that I would like? I've just recently visited the abandoned lumber mill in Goshen, UT. It was extremely covered in graffiti. And in my opinion I saw a few masterpieces.
    • By PdawsG
      Hey guys my name is Dawson! Im from Pleasant Grove, Utah. I love the outdoors and find myself exploring everywhere that I shouldn't be! I love traveling new places and have been pretty much everywhere that I know of in Utah County. The next place I want to visit is The Crystal Mill in Colorado! Always looking for new places to visit, take pictures and upload them to my Instagram. We live in a beautiful world and there is absolutely no reason to leave anything unexplored in your own eyes I like to say. I'm excited to join this forum and look forward to meeting everyone and hearing about all sorts of places!
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