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    • By MollyBoy
      So me and my cousin found these abandoned train tunnels near where we live and we decided to check them out on camera. We don't get to the tunnels until around the 5:30 mark. It was honestly so long and freezing when inside. Take a look for yourself to see what it is like and i'll be sure to give out the location to anyone that wants it. 
    • By Frito's World
      Exploring abandoned house literally  in the middle of nowhere. I get chills when I find one of Texas most dangerous predators lurking in the shadows. Check it out!
    • By Urban|Haunted-Explorations
      Me and the crew taking on a haunted and definitely spooky hospital with tons of creepy items left behind. There were tons of Satanic symbols and craftwork all over this place, I hope you enjoy this episode and Subscribe for all of our updates and support!
      Our Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrNqMXvNR5nRn2Q45Dh3FzA
      Subscribe to us from Texas for all of our Explorations, updates, and extras. We would appreciate the support!
      Any comments and feedback are greatly welcomed. Thanks for reading!
      If anyone wants me to Subscribe back, just post below if you Subscribed to me and i'll gladly Subscribe back. I hope you enjoy the episode!
    • By Backwoods Beast
      We got a tour of the Goldfield hotel. Hope you like the video. Please like and subscribe.
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