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Figured we should have a Ghost Town Books and Literature thread where members can post their favorite ghost town books and literature.

Here are my current books:

Ghost Towns Of The West: Great book for history, but not helpful when it comes to locating specific town sites.

Stan Paher's Illustrated Nevada Ghost Towns & Mining Camps Atlas: This book has been indispensable when it comes to finding ghost towns and other mining areas. It has excellent maps and plenty of good informations.

Nevada Ghost Town Trails by Mickey Broman: Another excellent book that will get you to the actual town sites, but not nearly as complete as Stan Paher's book listed above.

Ghost Towns & Mining Camps of California A History & Guide by Remi Nadeau: I have mainly used this book to read about the history of ghost towns and didn't find the maps very useful.

California-Nevada Ghost Town Atlas by Robert Neil Johnson: This small book has great maps, plenty of sites, but lacks the history, which is okay with me. I would rather check the places out, but the version I have is quite dated, so you have to be careful when trying to follow the directions. It's my go to book when I want to see what is in a specific area of California.

California Ghost Town Trails by Groman and Leadabrand: This book is a good book for both sites and a little history, although it doesn't have nearly as many sites as the California_nevada Ghost Town Atlas by Johnson above.

What are your favorite ghost town books?

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I have over 500 volumes in my library. My favorites include:

From this Mountain: Cerro Gordo, Likes, Robert C - 1975

Ballarat 1897-1917: Facts and Folklore, Hubbard, Paul B.; Bray, Doris; Pipkin, George 1965

Loafing Along Death Valley Trails: A Personal Narrative of People and Places, Caruthers, William 1951

Death Valley: 1938 WPA Guide 1938

Explorer's Guide to Death Valley National Park, Bryan, T. Scott & Bryan, Betty Tucker 1995

Death Valley & the Amargosa: A Land of Illusion, Lingenfelter, Richard E 1986

Death Valley Ghost Towns, Paher, Stanley W 1973

Deep Enough: A working Stiff in the Western Mine Camps, Crampton, Frank A. 1956

Ghosts of Glory Trail, Murbarger, Nell 1956

WPA Guide to 1930's Nevada, Elliott, Russell R

Nevada Ghost Towns & Mining Camps, Paher, Stan 1970

Railroads of Nevada Vol 1, Myrick, David 1961

Railroads of Nevada Vol 2, Myrick, David 1961

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Great list David, I have never heard of most of those, I am going to have to start to look for them. 500 volumes of Ghost town related book? That's on heck of a library.

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I wanted to bump this up for the two new authors who just joined and who want to add their books here too. :)

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Thanks, Bob!



Randsburg: The Mojave Deserts Liveliest Ghost Town

A combination history, photographic journey and travel guide to the historic living ghost town of Randsburg, California, located in the Mojave Desert. See where Billy Bob Thornton made his supporting role debut, learn the real identity of Randsburg's most famous red-light madam, and read about the woman vampire seeking new virgin blood! Read the stories of some of those buried in the Rand District cemetery, who, until now, have been forgotten to history. Learn all the details behind the murder of Emily Davidson, shot dead on Butte Avenue in broad daylight by her husband. Full of photographs, both color and black & white. If you have purchased this item, or plan to, please leave your review here: https://www.createspace.com/Preview/1114892 For some reason my buyers have been unable to leave reviews at the Amazon listing page. Remember, your reviews help to further promote my book to others. Thanks!





Also available in Kindle editions:




And ePub for Nook:




Also direct from me as a .pdf version. Just ask :)

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